Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our House Part 3

Scary old basement! Not pretty & full of spiders but big & part of the house!

Already scary huh! LOL Oh and behind the red curtain is built in shelving! But again with the red!

On the way down Abraham is there to greet you!!

First little cubbie! Suitcases, racks of beer, & random Christmas decor that hasn't found a spot yet!

First door on the right is the"man room"! With built in work benches & stuff. Or our garage! We have a garage but all of our garage stuff has ended up in the basement! Easier access I guess!

The Pantry

Another room! Our American fridge.

Laundry Room

And another room!

The view back down the hall to the stairs!

There you have it!

A little history about our house is that it is old! It was built by the owners when they were first married. The upstairs was originally built as a separate apartment that they rented out to another family. Our living room was a bedroom & our office was a bedroom & the winter garden was an addition. I am not entirely sure of the layout of the upstairs, however, I do know that our bedroom was the kitchen! After they had children the family upstairs moved out & the house was converted to a single family home. Last spring the mother to our now landlords who were born in the house passed away and their father was unable to care for himself so was put into a home, which seem to be everywhere here! We are the first Americans to rent out the house and I feel a sort of responsibility to this house being the first Americans to live here and all! Maybe because we are also renting out our house in NC & karma can be a witch if ya know what I mean! Our landlords are very nice and speak a little English so communication is ok! They also pop in sometimes & since this is their childhood home it makes me nervous! Weird I know!

Hope you enjoyed our home! And MOST of you are welcome anytime! ;)


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Friday, July 6, 2012

Our House part 2

Up, up & away! The sleeping quarters!! ;) like I said yesterday we are still in the process of hanging stuff up so you may notice some of it sitting on the floor by where it is going to be hung! All the walls are concrete so it isn't as easy to hang stuff otherwise I woulda been had dat done!! Lol! Ok here is what you first see of our upstairs on the landing.

And I'm really not sure why but red is everywhere in this house! Straight ahead into the guest room!

Upstairs bathroom & our crazy hole-in-the-front toilet!

The view down the hall from our bedroom. Bathroom would be on the right before the stairs & guest room on the left past the cabinet.

Our bedroom notice the red curtains! I don't get it! That is a doorway out to a balcony.


Our closet don't mind the sorted laundry on the floor!

The view(s) from our balcony since you can see the whole yard & sides of our house! First is straight out the door into the backyard. 2) looking straight down from the balcony; the back door going into the winter garden. Plus, a little glimpse of the gorgeous roses that span the width of the winter garden! 3) to the left a view of our driveway to the street. Notice the oil spot on the driveway :( that's from our first car. 4) right side of the house & 5 is also the right side of the house out towards the street.

Thats it for upstairs! Basement is next along with a brief history ofour house which i find very interesting!

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our House part 1!

So I know a bunch of you have been anticipating a post on our house for oh I don't know six months or so! :) It is rather large with many rooms & three floors so i will post once per floor! So without further ado, here is our home!
Let's start without the outside! If you haven't seen this picture yet!

View from the front door standing in our foyer.

Living room to the right just past the first doorway

(behind me is the couch but I forgot to get a pic of that side of the room!)
Bathroom directly across from living room.

Hallway into the dining room

Dining room


Winter Garden

And I know you are all eagerly awaiting the glimpse of the closet aka our kitchen! Don't blink! Notice you can see the oven in both pictures! And there is only one sink there. The cookie sheets are sitting on the counter! Also, the big door with the towel hanging on it in the second picture is our fridge!

Welp that's it! Our main living area! We still are in the process of hanging pictures & things. We are still looking for a desk for the office too! Next up is up stairs! And I promise a post about the car this week! Lol!
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Something wonderful happened!

I can't help but to share with you our day yesterday! As I mentioned yesterday we went to the big celebration on base it was a blast!! Ate some extremely unhealthy food, rode a Ferris Wheel together for the first time, people watched for hours, witnessed something that made me cry & saw some of the best fireworks ever!

Our day started with yardwork & then we went to the festival in the afternoon. We ate hot wings, chicken teriyaki, chili dogs, funnel cakes & cotton candy horrible I know but we had to be as American as possible yesterday! We sad that while sipping on German beer! We also planned poorly & stood in line for 45 minutes at the ATM! After we were stuffed with junk & rehydrating with water & settled in to watch the fireworks that's when the thing happened! Some of you may not think it is too incredible but it seriously made me cry!

We were sitting in the middle of a soccer field behind the base gym in the kid zone area! There were kids running around barefoot playing throwing their glow necklaces in the air & chasing each other. If I didn't know better I would have thought we were back in the USA! And like they do on base before anything starts they started playing The National Anthem. First they played Germany's then the US's started & that's when it happened! Now these kids were as young as 3 running around, but as soon as the music started they all knew exactly what to do. Within the first 8 counts all of them were back by their parents sides with their hands over their hearts and still! I have never seen anything like it before & it made me so proud to be a military spouse & to be able to witness this incredible thing! I am not bashing civilian kids at all but to see a four year old drop their toy & run to their dads side and put his hand over his heart without anyone having to tell him to do it! That was incredible!

My phone died before I could get picks when the sun went down & the fireworks started. :( but enjoy these I did snap!

Notice the area straight back behind the building in the photo below. That was the kids zone where we watched the fireworks!

Ferris Wheel pics!!


Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

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