Friday, March 30, 2012

Much overdue Update!

Where do I begin!  I will skip over some stuff...

We got here on Christmas eve.  Was picked up at the airport by Chris' new co-worker Ben & his family & they brought us to our temporary lodging facility (TLF).  This was not only my first time overseas but also my first PCS. So when we walk into our TLF room & it is fully stocked with enough food, water & entertainment to last us a little over a week I thought it was normal!  But no, we soon find out that a First Sgt friend of Christopher's previous First Sgt hooked us up because of all of the passport mess we had to go through to get here!  It was so nice to not have to rush to the commissary to pick stuff up & not have a clue & blah blah blah!

Christmas Day.  This year it was just us.  Well, that was what we had planned for anyway since we didn't have a car & didn't know where anything was & figured everything on base would be closed.  We figured we would eat the sandwiches, pretzels, & oreos that were awaiting our arrival for Christmas dinner!  Our "plan" didn't work out that way!  Early that morning the phone in our room started ringing & we immediately got scared because no one knows us here is something wrong etc. Nothing was wrong at all!  In fact it was the delightful Primrose calling to see if we had plans for the day!  Of course we said no & she follows with something along the lines of be ready about noon we are picking you up after church!  Primrose, I later found out is also one of Chris' new co-workers!

Her, her husband, Brett & there 2 lovely daughters, Dasha & Christy picked us up & brought us to their museum,( I mean mansion, i mean house) where I helped Prim & her daughters make a delicious Christmas dinner & Christopher walked around there home & was given the guided tour by Brett!  We watched them open some presents & to me that was the best part of the day!  The girls didn't get fancy new technology & video games & all the stuff the kids in the states cry for & parents spend way to much money on!  These girls got books, music books for the piano, candy bars, pretty smelling lotions & ornaments & school supplies and I have never seen 2 children more happy & grateful for those gifts in my life!  It was literally a life changing moment for me!  No I am not being dramatic I really almost cried & no it wasn't the delicious German & French wines we were drinking either!

Needless to say after Brett drove us back to our room after dinner & dessert we were so happy to be in Germany & to be creating these new memories already!  It was a great start to the adventure!  I will share more about our journey so far later!  But for now here are a few pictures from our Christmas!

This was the cake Dad & Cheryl & Jacob & Nano 
got for us our last night in the states! 
 It says Best Wishes & something else! 

Our Beautifully set table for our wonderful Christmas Dinner! 

 One of many Original handmade Tiffany lamps in their house!
 You can see a couple others in the first Christmas pic,
 but this one was my favorite!

Next up is a recap of New Years & My birthday!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Hump Day!

I know I have some explaining to do & I promise that I will but for now I just want you all to know that we are alive and all is well!

I am having company over today! My first friend in Germany her name is Julie & we just happened to meet at In-Processing because I was wearing a shirt representing a college team from my home state! Which, turned out to be her home state as well! So we hit it off & since we are both unemployed she is going to come spend the day with me while our hubby's are working! We are going to go for a walk on some of the amazing trails they have in Germany & chat about girl stuff! I'm so excited! But I better go pick up my house before she gets here! Cheers! 

What's in store for your hump day?

And I promise a more in depth update soon!