Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Years & Birthday!

For some reason it took me about 2 weeks to get acclimated to the time change!  My Jet lag was awful!  I slept during most days or didn't sleep for a few days until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore!  It was such a struggle for me!  So New Years Eve was no obstacle for me!  In fact I think that was day 3 or 4 of my insomnia & I think i was up for 2 more days after that before I finally crashed!  I don't know if it was stress from being in a foreign land so far away from everything that I have ever known, not having a vehicle, not having a place to live, or most of all not having my puppies anymore.  Whatever it was I was so happy to start sleeping again!  On to the main subject!

 This year New Years Eve was a tad bit different!  Usually we would have a party & a ton of food & drinks & games & hats & decorations & all that jazz that makes for a great NYE party!  Although 2011 NYE didn't end the way I would have liked with a phone call from my cousin telling me that my Grams had suddenly taken a turn for the worst...it was still a much better celebration in my opinion. This year we sat in our TLF room just the 2 of us!  Watched movies, had some champagne, fell asleep before midnight & woke up to the fireworks that lasted for 2 hours!!  Some pics to show you the difference!!

2012 food for just us!!(I couldn't help myself & some things should never change!)

12:01 of 2012 I do believe!

2011 NYE! Rockband!

Fun Decor!!

Great Friends!

Needless to say NYE was just not the same!  I cried & Christopher fell asleep!  I was lonely & felt that we made a huge mistake! Don't worry that quickly changed!  

Soon enough we found our house!  More on that to come soon!

Which has so much character & storage I absolutely love it!(I think this was about the time I started sleeping again!)

Found a car which turned out to be a big mistake!  More on that later too!  And then it was time for Christopher to start working again which meant I was left home alone without any of our furniture a loaner bed & no puppies.  I quickly felt depression creeping in!  Alas it was my birthday & I thought it was going to be an awful day.  We had almost nothing in our house to eat which was probably a good thing.  Chris had taken me on base to rent some movies the night before so on my birthday I sat in bed and watched season 1 of Gossip Girl & Downton Abbey on my laptop!  Soon my Facebook started blowing up with birthday wishes which sounds crazy but it made my loneliness almost disappear for the day!  I quickly became consumed with the drama & glamour of Gossip Girl & it was turning out to be a pretty great birthday!  Then Christopher called & said he had to work late so I would be alone even longer... :( Fortunately he ended up getting home earlier than he thought!  Since we had no food & pizza is my favorite as it reminds me of home my hubby comes home with this for my birthday dinner!

It was delicious & I think I gained about 5 lbs just from that nights dinner!  Nowhere near as good as any pie we'd get in the Chicagoland area of course but pretty good for Germany!

Then I got to open my presents which I was expecting nothing since we have been so busy and unless he was at work we were together & I hadn't seen him get anything...& my BFF sent me a gift too!

I learned that my hubby does pay attention to me more than I think!!  & my Bestie got me an Owl Pandora Charm which names was together forever!! (it's in the pic but hard to see!)  It ended up being a great day with a few hiccups in the middle!!

So there is my recap of  our NYE & my birthday!

Not sure what is next but stay tuned...!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  We had a very low-key weekend!  Went out to dinner with some friends to our local hangout on Friday!  Had a great time but totally over-indulged! Saturday we were lazy most of the day but went on a date that evening!  Which reminds me save yourself the time & money & do not see Haywire it was awful!  We were going to see Hunger Games but I haven't finished the book yet!  I will have it finished very soon & hopefully we can go this week before it leaves us!  Sunday we did nothing!  Watched movies, took a nap, more movies, made dinner, another movie then bedtime!  With all of the doing nothing this past weekend I feel completely relaxed & rested & ready to tackle the week! I will be working on a few more update posts as promised this week with more pictures! Today is a gorgeous day although still in the forties/fifties but I will darn my ear muffs & head out for a run!  Happy Monday to all!