Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Update: November

Looking back November was full of church, Christmas markets, food, friends & the beginnings of cold weather in Germany!

We became official members of our church Frontline Community and have been so blessed by all of the relationships we have built since then!  It has truly changed our lives!  We joined a Life Group & started doing the women's/men's bible studies groups that have challenged & strengthened our relationships with each other & Our LORD!!  We have since brought several people with us to worship & they have fallen in love with it too!  Such a blessing!

We cooked a delightful dinner for a few of Christopher's co-workers & their families for Thanksgiving

Christopher & I went to our first Christmas market together in Heidelberg the weekend after Thanksgiving & had a wonderful time! I love Christmas Markets!!  I believe that about sums up November!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Overdue Update: October

October was an emotional month for us!!  My mom & her beau came to visit us & we had a lot of fun traveling through Europe!

We went to Oktoberfest in Munich but unfortunately that camera was lost in a drunken stupor so we no longer have pictures of that weekend!!  Take my word though it was fun!!

A few days later was my moms birthday so I made her a chocolate sheet cake that, had our oven not been miniature it would have been a Texas one!!

A few days after that we went to Amsterdam!!  Which has become my favorite place in the entire world!  Though not for its sinful rap!  The super friendly English speaking people & the abundance of culture there were astounding! Even though it rained the whole time I wasn't even fazed!  We saw the Anne Frank house,  the Van Gogh museum,  the Hermitage, the Ice Bar, rode on the canal boats, almost got ran over by cyclists,  strolled through the oh-so-intriguing Red Light District and was given an amazing walking tour of the city by a local which, in-spite of wearing the wrong shoes & getting blisters was incredible!  I would go back on the drop of a hat & planned to make several more trips there in the future!

Anne Frank House

 Van Gogh's Self-Portrait

 The picture doesn't do it justice but yes the buildings are leaning in!!


I also had a miscarriage while my mom was visiting.  I left my baby in Amsterdam which may be a contributing factor to my complete adoration of this Dutch city!  It was a fantastic trip regardless & I would recommend Amsterdam to everyone!!  

Monday, April 15, 2013

Where have you been?!?!

Wow!  I knew it had been awhile but I didn't realize it had been 6 months!

Quick recap is in order I suppose and I will break it up into a couple of posts!  So much has happened I feel like the last 6 months have flown by & I forgot to keep up!!  Check back over the next few days for my updates!  I have made it one of my goals this year to post more regularly!  Hope you all had a blessed Monday!