Friday, May 9, 2014

Yay it's May!

Im so excited for this month as so many exciting things are happening! First, my very first Mother's Day with my baby boy!

 Then my hubby & I will celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary(which I looked up the traditional gift for that & it's I'll give him a branch?...keep it clean people!)!

 A few days after that Sebastian will be 3 MONTHS OLD (seriously wasn't he just born yesterday!?).

 Then the ever humbling Memorial Day which most likely will be spent eating & laughing & whooping some boys in some ladder ball! And finally the thing I am most excited Jimdad is coming! My Sebastian will get to meet the man he is named after & I will have a sushi partner & hubby will have a beer drinking buddy! Not to mention this month our church is getting a new pastor as our current ones leave to go back to the good ole U S OF A! And we may or may not be spending a weekend in Prague!


*I know this post is 9 days into the month but give me a break Im still trying to figure this whole having-a-schedule-with-an-infant thing out! ;)

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