Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy 5th Anniversary!

Last Friday May 16, 2014 Hubby & I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary!  And in true Yates fashion we had the traditional Anniversary Pie & went out of town for the weekend!

^^Anniversary Pie^^

Check out the full scoop on Anniversary Pie here! This year I entrusted the responsibility of making the Anniversary Pie to Hubby so it was...different!  Still yummy but he just makes it different than I do!  I am a fan of the "sauce" & he is not so much!  Next year...extra sauce! LOL

Our fifth year of marriage was one of the hardest yet!  But I am so thankful for God's grace & mercy & so thankful that we are in fact celebrating our fifth year of marriage together!! My husband is a wonderful man, loving father, fun daddy, caring & helpful husband, and even through the trials I am still so blessed to be his wife!

Here are a few pics for now! Stay tuned this week for more on our trip to Metz, France & Sebastian turning 3 months old!!

^^on our way to Metz^^

^^Bubba is getting so big!^^