Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank a Vet Today!

Year after year this day becomes more and more meaningful to me.  As the wife of an Airmen I am familiar with the sacrifices our military members make each and every day.  This year the unit my husband works with loss several men and it is felt in this house everyday.  I am so grateful to those men who made the ultimate sacrifice for this Great Nation.  I am also grateful for all of our men and women serving this country both at home and abroad.  I am so grateful that many years ago my grandfathers, uncles, future brother-in-law and husband all made the choice to sacrifice their lives if needed to for our country.

I love that I have seen so many commercials from restaurants offering free meals to service members today! I know that everyone will be saying it and Facebooking it today and I love that for one day our military may get some extra acknowledgement.

This is where I am saying THANK YOU! For the daily sacrifice and the choice that you made and the faith and belief in this great country that you all so willingly defend!  Thank You and not just today but every single day.  Because everyday is Veteran's Day in my home.  Everyday our military fights and politics aside they fight!  Blood is spilled everyday and Soldiers & Airmen & Seamen come home everyday.  Thank you for everyday, every minute you serve. Thank you a million times over for if not for you I would not have the freedom to post this blog!

THANK YOU TO ALL VETERANS especially my Christy!!

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